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Tigers 5, Royals 4: Let’s swap leads!

Not to mention catcher injuries.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Hey hey, time to kick off a weekend series against another team trapped in the sub-basement of the AL Central. You would think if there was a divisional rival the Tigers might be able to get a few games up on in a series it would be the Royals, but I supposed we’ll see how these games pan out. This one, however, was a good start, even though it was close throughout.

Hutchison started off well for the Tigres with a clean 1-2-3 first, but while Greene continues to be an offensive delight, hitting a leadoff single, three straight flyouts ended the first scoreles.

Haase left the game early with, um “lower abdominal contusion” which is a very polite way to say he bruised his—

In the second two quick strikeouts looked good for the Tigers and then Massey bunted to reach, Dozier singled, and finally an Isbel singled brought both Massey and Dozier home with bonus help from a Greene error. Guess he can’t be perfect all the time out there.

For anyone who wants a true play-by-play for the middle innings, you can find it here, but I’m just going to tell you that not very much happened until the bottom of the fifth when Willi Castro hit a solo home run then back-to-back walks for Kreidler and Greene. Then both baserunners advanced on a balk. Reyes hit a sac fly to score Kreidler and suddenly it was a tie game. A Baez home run then brought two more runs in and what’s this... a lead?

Hutchison will not be beloved by Royals fans after tonight as he hit Salvador Perez in the wrist with a pitch, causing the catcher to leave the game. Back game for catchers. Hutchison’s day was done, with a final line of 5.2 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 HR on 85 pitches. The injury either shook Hutchison or emboldened the Royals, because Rivero took the base for Perez and then Taylor homered to score two and tie the game. Massey drew a walk. Into the bottom of the inning and the sole baserunner was Torkelson after being hit by a pitch.

Seventh saw Chafin send the Royals down 1-2-3. Kreidler walked to start off the bottom of the inning. Reyes then singled. A pinch-hitting Harold Castro came in for Cabrera and singled to score Kreidler, advance Reyes to third, and end up on second himself. Not too shabby, leaving the Tigers up 5-4.

Vest came on in the top of the eighth and allowed a leadoff single for O’Hearn, who was then erased on the double play and a flyout ended the inning. In the bottom half Carpenter was hit by a pitch and I choose to believe these HBPs are all accidental. Baddoo came in to run for Carpenter, then Willi Castro reached on a single. Two more outs and the inning ended scoreless on both sides.

Soto was on to hopefully maintain the lead and end things with a Tigers win. Rooker got a two-out single, but ultimately Soto got the final out and the Tigers took the win.

Final: Tigers 5, Royals 4