Arizona Outfield

Arizona has a slew of young outfielders that could improve the Tiger outfield.

Alec Thomas CF Left handed hitter 22 years old

Dalton Varsho RF/C LHH 25

Pavin Smith RF/1B LHH 26

Jake McCarthy CF LHH 24

Corbin Carrol CF/LF LHH 21

Stone Garrett LF/RF RHH 26

Seth Beer 1B/LF LHH 25

Kristian Robinson CF/RF RHH 21 out for 2 years pandemic and injury.

They just drafted Druw Jones who will be their future CF in a couple years.

A trade of Olsen and Wentz could bring in return McCarthy and Seth Beer per the MLB trade simulator. I would move Beer to left or 1B and put McCarthy in CF with Greene in right. McCarthy is an OBP guy with good speed. He has changed his swing and added some home run ability. Seth Beer is a power guy with great OBP. He's more of a DH/1B so maybe a rotation of Miggy, Beer and Tork between 1B and DH.

The Tigers still have Flores and Jobe as young starter prospects. A rotation of ERod, Skubal, Manning, Turnbul, Mize, Brieske, Hill, Faedo, Garcia, Alexander... and others... the Tigers have plenty of depth.

Also, by adding young inexpensive OFers, the Tigers might want to dip into the free agent pool for a starter like Rodon or Bassitt or Manaea or Taillon or Severino or Verlander?

They could also afford a big contract like Correa.

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