Bryan Reynolds

I am trying to put a trade together for Bryan Reynolds. Switch hitting CF for the Pirates. He is having a down season with his Hitting (For Him) and fielding. He is team controlled until 2026 and will be playing next season at 28.

Trade simulator has him at a 42.9 values, seems low, but I will roll with it.

The trade is:

Tigers get Bryan Reynolds-42.9

Pirates receive:

Matt Manning-21.7

Jace Jung-14.3

Akil Baddoo-4.9

Willie Castro-3.5


Why would the Tigers do this?

Bryan Reynolds is an amazing player. Had a 6 WAR season just last season. This gives us options in the OF, he is a switch hitter that could lead off or be a middle of the order bat. His splits are non-existent. Its a lot to give, but I honestly wonder if this is even enough for a player of his caliber. This will also help the 40-man roster crunch.

Why would the Pirates do this?

Lets face it, the Pirates are a couple years away from competing and Reynolds is about to be 28. Manning and Jung are the prizes here, Manning has 4 more years of control and prospect pedigree that teams value and Jung is a big bat that might have to move to 1B that is at least a year away. Without Manning, we would be looking at Jobe AND Olsen in his place. Baddoo gives them an OF project that just turned 24 and could possibly be a good big leaguer, he has a 776 OPS in September. Castro is a throw in, specifically can play multiple OF and can be a bridge to the future.

I honestly do not think this is enough to get the Pirates to budge, but I would try.

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