Yoelquis Cespedes and Oscar Colas

2 International signings by the White Sox... Cespedes is brother of former Tiger RFer Yoenis. Yoelquis is in AA hitting .258/ .332/ .437 with 17 homers and 33 steals. 25 years old today (Happy Birthday) and he plays CF. Colas is a lefty hitting CF with 21 homers hitting .309/ .367/ .510 from A ball, AA and AAA. The guy is a beast. Back to back international drafts and they have 2 very solid CF prospects that will be in the majors soon.

6 of their top 10 prospects are international signings. The Tigers 11th and 12th top prospects are international signees... Santana and Campos. They are only 18 and 19 years old, so hopefully they can become major leaguers... but they are starting out slow.

The Tigers need to tap into the international market or else they will be left behind.

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