Who Were the 2021 SF Giants?

Scott Harris brings a background of 3 years service as the SF Giant's GM plus more than a decade of support service to other successful major league teams. It would seem that the show piece or culmination of his work would have to be the 2021 Giants that won 107 games. The 2020 season was a 29-31 shortened campaign. The 2022 season has the Giants last standing at 74-78.

I think examining how the 2021 team was composed and who Harris was responsible for adding to the winning mix of that campaign is worth examining to see how he might add pieces to the Tigers. Cutting to the chase, it seems he was primarily responsible for remaking the bulk of the key elements of the pitching staff. Three of the starters were adds he made from 2020. He also added their closer for the single season too.The team's offense was all but set from prior years with two or three fringe additions.

Here's how the team was built in 2021:

C Buster Posey age 34 a long time Giant favorite

1B Brandon Belt age 33 also a longer term Giant

2B Donovan Solano age 33 who was signed in the off-season of 2019 by Harris

3B Evan Longoria age 35 acquired by the Giants in 2018

SS Brandon Crawford age 34 a long time Giant

LF Alex Dickerson age 31 a signee of Harris during the off-season of 2019

CF Steven Duggar age 27 a Giant prospect developed prior to Harris' arrival

RF Mike Yastrzemski age 30 another Giant prospect on board prior to Harris' arrival

SP Kevin Gausman age 30 was a key signing by Harris during the 2019 off-season

SP Anthony De Sclafani age 31 a surprise performer for 2021 signed during the off-season of 2020

SP Logan Webb age 24 he had started his career in 2019

SP Alex Wood age 30 another surprise performer for 2021 signed during the off-season of 2020

SP Johnny Cueto age 35 a long term Giant

CL Rick McGee age 34 a surprise signing for the 2021 campaign that has since disappeared

There's a saying "better lucky than good," that somehow seems to me to relate to the acquisitions that Scott Harris made to the 2021 Giants. None of the players were high profile expected to perform as well as they did, and none has had a lasting presence with the team. Still, 107 victories is an amazing accomplishment.

The veterans on this team definitely deserve a lot of recognition. Furthermore, the hiring of Gabe Kapler in 2019 seems to also been instrumental. A good field manager is worth the price of admission! He seemed to get the best out of this team based on his experience starting in 2015 as the player development director for the LA Dodgers and gaining two years of experience as the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies prior to arriving in 2020 along with the signing of Harris to the Giants.

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