Grossman and Paredes trade updates

I was discussing past trades with a friend of mine and it got me thinking about how these two are currently doing with their new teams since their departure. I remember earlier this year Tampa yelling "The Tigers are F'ing idiots for trading you" during Paredes' hot streak. At the time, I thought the trade was beneficial for both teams and still do. Nobody could've predicted that Meadows would be injured all year and dealing with mental health issues but the Tiger's do have his rights for two more years. Paredes on the other hand has regressed back to what he was in Detroit but with more homers (Detroit avg 2 years .215/.290/.302 / Tampa .213/.296/.460 and 18 homers). I think with a fresh start and time away from the game, Meadows will return to the hitter he was in Tampa and we won't be talking about Paredes and what if's.

Grossman also had a hot streak for two or three days and the national/local media jumped all over it criticizing Detroit and it's failure to correct his swing. Grossman himself took several jabs at Detroit saying how great it was in Atlanta and how they fixed his swing after watching several minutes of video (paraphrasing). Fast forward several weeks and Grossman actually has slightly worse stats in Atlanta (Detroit .205/.313/.282 woof / Atlanta .198/.309/.309).

I had no problem with either trade and still don't today. Like usual the media seized the opportunity to jump on the Detroit Sucks as an Organization bandwagon and ran with some weak talking points. This is not to say that Paredes can't keep improving and become a solid major leaguer but that trade needed to be made, the same with Grossman. Some Wiseman once said, water will always find it's level and that's what I feel happened with these two players.

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