Tigers Bull Pen-Mason Englert Rule 5 & Eduardo Rodriguez Trade Coming?

Now that the Tiger’s have traded their 7th inning and 9th inning guys, there will be guys elevated to those positions. Alex Lange seems destined to be the Closer and Will Vest seems likely to be the 7th or 8th inning guy so there are opportunities galore for Mason. Although the long term view is to keep him as a starting pitcher, there’s nothing wrong with a Rule 5 guy to come in and pitch the dreaded long relief where he can get 3 or 4 innings of work. The Tiger’s actually have a ton of arms that are more likely rotation guys but will probably have to be in the bullpen until called upon. Guys like Beau Brieske and Alex Faedo could be sent to AAA to start rather than sit in the bullpen.

What is going to happen to guys like Garett Hill, Reese Olson, Joey Wentz?

I really like Joey Wentz as a starter but does he become the other Lefty out of the Bullpen?

My gut is that Eduardo Rodriguez (who most definitely gets traded by the deadline) is going to be shopped for sure now just to see what kind of package is getting offered. With less than 6 weeks to go before Spring Training and all the good FA’s have signed, the trades have been trickling in.

What team do you all think needs a SP right now who is looking to compete? The Mets finally woke up and kicked Carlos Correa to the curb with that ridiculous contract so they are always a possibility but unlikely since they probably do not have the prospects left in their system that the Tiger’s need. Yankees? Cubs? LA Dodgers? San Diego?

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