Tiger Culture

The Detroit Lions have developed a new and better culture. I'm ecstatic about this too. I think great picks have been made in the draft, but as importantly the coaching staff has really promoted an environment that I think motivates and inspires the best of players to come out.

Do other Detroit teams have that going for them? I think the Red Wings have Steve Yzerman churning to build a winner, but I'm not sure they're there yet. I think the Pistons have some good young talent but I'm doubtful that it will ever be enough, the game is for and about super stars in my opinion. The Tigers' I think were counting on AJ Hinch to build a winning culture, but it hasn't happened yet.

Perhaps Scott Harris working in tandem with Hinch is the key. Moreover, maybe getting some winning culture players will make a difference. The trade with Philadelphia is bringing three young players that have had some experience with a winning professional team. I think that could make a big difference.

Who else do the Tigers have that has similar experience? Haase - not really. Cabrera - yes, but his age probably separates him as not a colleague but an idol. Schoop - nope. Baez - maybe, and perhaps being around more than one other with this pedigree will work magic. Meadows - possibly, if he stays healthy and can make more of a contribution in year two of his Tiger career.

Vierling, Maton, and Sands bring a good dose of what I think winning culture should be built on. I think it will be interesting to see how these young additions contribute on the field but also in the clubhouse.

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