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Monday Links Roundup: A whole new year of news

And only a couple months left until we get real baseball

John Lee Attends Hong Kong New Year’s Eve Countdown 2023 Photo by Chen Yongnuo/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

MLB decided to mark the end of the year with a quick rundown of some of the best moments of 2022, and it certainly has us excited to see what’s coming next. We’re sure to see more great writing in the weeks to come, but the lull week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not a major time for baseball moves or writing, so we just have a quick little links post for to start out the first week of the year.

  • December 31st marked 50 years since the tragic loss of Roberto Clemente.

With 2022 in the bag, we have the full 2023 schedule to look forward to, and we’re only two months away from spring training games, so baseball is getting much closer than we think.