Hindsight 2021

The offseason the Tigers supposedly decided to "go for it" with the signing of Baez and ERod. I was a little disappointed with the additions. Sure, I'm glad they did something, but I felt it was putting a Bandaid on an amputation. The Tigers had young pitching coming up. They had a lackluster offense... why not sign offense?

I really wanted the Tigers to add Corey Seager... but at $325 mil over 10+ years? I was ok with settling for Baez. In order to pay that huge price, Seager had to be the missing piece the Tigers needed, but the Tigers needed much more than that. Baez signed for 6 years $140 mil. I believed they did a decent job filling the hole at SS with a quality major leaguer. Some on here were saying Kriedler should get the job... silly talk.

At the time I was hoping the Tigers signed Freddie Freeman. The guy is an absolute beast in the lineup. 6 years at $162 is very affordable. Signing Freeman gave Tork 2 more years at AAA to become a major league hitter. In 2024, Freeman moves to DH and Tork takes over 1B. That would have really given the Tigers a middle of the order bat for the next 6 years. Last year, Freeman hit .325/ .407/ .511 with 21 homers and 13 steals. Awesome numbers.

Another guy I really wanted was Kyle Schwarber for LF. The guy has huge power and amazing OBP numbers. He signed for 4 years and $79 mil. Last year Schwarber hit .218/ .323/ .504 with 46 homers. His numbers were a little down from his career numbers, but still he would have really helped the offense.

Those three additions would have really made a huge difference in 2022. Could the Tigers have challenged for Central crown? I doubt it, but if they would have made these moves, it would have been much easier to contend in 2023. They may have felt they needed that 1 piece... Trea Turner at 11 years $300 mil to play 2B? Imagine that 2023 lineup...

2B Trea Turner

LF Schwarber

CF Greene

1B Freeman

SS Baez

3B Candelario

DH Miggy/Carpenter

RF Meadows

C Barnhart/Haase

Ahhh, to have a decent major league team again...

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