Ty Madden

So, I was looking around at minor league numbers, Ty Madden had a VERY good year last year. I am curious why there isn't more talk about him? His MiLB numbers were 3.01 ERA, 122.2 IP, 1.10 WHIP, 38 BB, and 133 strikeouts. He had 35.2 of those innings at Erie. So, he will start there, but could be up for a promotion soon.

Flores seems slated to take on AAA, and Jobe is starting in A+. September call ups aren't really a thing anymore, but these guys could see it. The pitching depth on this team is really amazing, when Skubal comes back, middling pitchers better be on their game, or they will be gone.

I will say this, I truly hope Mize finds his splitter again while he is rehabbing. He looks like he could very well be out the door to make way for the young guys if he doesn't.

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