Top 100 prospects

So the third prospect ranking list was released last night with the MLB Top 100 prospects. Wilmer Flores #95, Jace Jung #83 and Jackson Jobe #63 made the top 100 list. They also include Colt Keith among the top 10 3B at #8 and Wenceel Perez is #10 at 2B, so if they continue their development they could crack the top 100 by seasons end.

Baseball Prospectus had 4 Tigers on their list. Keith #98, Jobe #91, Flores #87 and Jung #86.

Baseball America had only Jackson Jobe ranked, at #83.

So I guess this is why its so hard to project what we really have on the farm. Different people look at the same player differently. But fingers crossed that in 2-3 years we have at least 2 MLB bats from that group and that Jobe turns into an All-Star because Marcelo Mayer is currently at #9 overall.

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