Challenge pick the 26 man roster and starting rotation, closer and batting order.

I will graciously provide a 2023 Spring training souvenir cup to the winner. I promise it will only be used once.

Your job if you choose to accept it is. Sort out all the elephants in the room and find a decent team.

1st Base elephant. Will Tork be the guy? If not then what?

2nd Base Can Schoop hit and play decent enough defense to be there? If not who?

SS Baez is he the answer? Which one do we get?

3b who knows.... lots of candidates

CF Greene I think but????

RF Meadows maybe ???

LF Baddoo maybe???

C Hasse probably and???? lot's of candidates

DH Can Miggy summon one supreme effort?

SP no elephants here. Seems like even with a few injuries we should be able put 5 reasonable guys out there.

Bullpen ????? Bille Beane says every team has a closer by the end of May. So no problem LOL

Who will lead off? making a decent lineup should be fun.....

All entries due before Pitchers and catchers report.

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