Offseason roster management

The team has a few weeks before they have to make some roster decisions. We currently have 46 players on the 40-man roster, and 6 players on the 60-day IL will need to be reinstated within 10 days after the WS, although with 5 free agents (Boyd, Ibanez, McKinstry, Diaz and Cisnero), Miggy’s retirement and ERod most likely opting out, I don’t think they will have any problems at the start of the 23-24 offseason calendar. One key date is the Rule 5 draft protection date. From what I have found, it is set for either Nov. 15 or 17. The team must make a few important decisions on players like Dillion Dingler, Gage Workman, Trei Cruz, Wilmer Flores and Roberto Campos, to name some but not all. It will be interesting to see how Harris values some of these players, if he does at all. So, who do you think gets added, who gets non-tendered, and who gets released?

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