Are We Waiting For The Class Of 2023?

As far as position players go, what prospects are on the farm that was drafted/added to the team prior to the 2023 draft, who realistically is a future MLB player?

After Colt Keith, Jace Jung, Justyn-Henry Malloy, Justice Bigbie, Wenceel Perez, Peyton Graham & Dillon Dingler are we waiting on the 2023 draft class? (I have Hao-Yu Lee in the '23 draft class, acquired in a '23 trade and assigned to A+.)

At this point we know the Tigers are not going the free agent route for players, maybe after next season. If you include Akil Baddoo, are any of them good enough to bring back some good pitching in return?

I realized Keith will make the team and Jung later this season maybe, but after that it gets thin fast.

Godspeed Max Clark!

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