How I Would Win 100 Games in 2024, If I Owned the Tigers

If financial Scroognessity were dropped this holiday season, I think the Tigers would spend on some free agents and be in great position to win 100 games or more in 2024, and beyond, There are 3 pitchers I'd sign fast:

* Yoshinto Yamamoto

* Shoto Imanaga

* Kenta Maeda

There is at least one position player that I'd sign too:

* Jung Hoo Lee

I really think these four would make a huge difference even if Imanaga and Lee needed to play in AAA to adjust to the American environment a bit. Yamamoto and Maeda would instantly boost our rotation - giving Mize a bit more time to fully recover and regain his strength. Ideally, by mid-season Imanaga and Mize would be ready to become starters to boost the inevitable drop off or injury(s) that will come to the rest of the staff (Manning, Skubal, Olson, Gipson-Long). Yep, I think a 6 man rotation, is what it takes to get through a whole season nowadays.

Lee isn't perhaps a super star but his strike-out to base-on-ball ratio is the stuff Harris has preached since arriving and gives the team another option in center, if or when Parker Meadows succumbs to an injury. Furthermore, I think having four or five really good outfielders is needed to stay in the hunt over 162 games.

I tike the rest of our team's young potential and hope that the rookies we are all waiting for can arrive at some point in 2024, but in the meantime I like Vierling, Ibanez, McKinstry, Torkelson, and Baez as the bread and butter of our infield, with Canha there as well to lend a hand.

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