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Friday Open Thread: Who was the best one-season wonder?

You know the guys, you just can’t remember their names.

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

In 2023 the Tigers bid farewell to Miguel Cabrera, a player we’d seen in hundreds of games over a decade of time. Miggy was a part of the fabric of the team, and it will certainly be strange not to see him in a Tigers’ jersey next spring.

But where there are decade-long veterans of the club, there are also guys who we sometimes need to be reminded once wore a Tigers jersey. Some of these one-season wonders stand out more than others (someone tell me why I can still perfectly visualize Quintin Berry clapping on base, or still spell Matt Tuiasosopo’s name without looking it up?).

In a new Friday open thread, we want to start the conversation with you guys and share remembrances and opinions (but remember to be nice to each other). It’s a new format on the old FanPost Friday, but if you have a LOT to say about one particular player, please feel free to share a whole FanPost about it, we’d love to read it!

In the meantime, let us know down below who your most beloved one-season wonder was. It can be a big-name player that we only saw briefly, or someone only you seemed to gravitate towards (no shade, I have a Mikie Mahtook jersey and regularly query Twitter about how Jays’/Cubs’ benchwarmer Darwin Barney is doing these days).