Top 150 Prospects

I was curious to see what teams had the most prospects, or rather, the most top rated (1-150) according to Bleacher Reports ranking of the top MLB prospects as of July 2023. Obviously this is getting to be an old review now, but regardless, which team seems to have the most top young talent?

Baltimore, Cincinnati, and the Dodgers led the list with 9 top 150 prospects each. Alone in either fourth, or second place, depending on how you may want to consider it is Detroit with 7. Boston, Colorado, Seattle, St Louis, and Texas had 6 at the writing of that analysis. Arizona, Milwaukee, the Mets, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Washington, and Cleveland had 5. All of the rest of the teams had 4 or fewer.

With this list I'd expect the Tigers to be eyeing talent they might pry from the three teams above them, and perhaps the ones immediately below them. Obviously whether that is possible you would have to consider what the Tigers might be willing to trade and what each team needs. Furthermore, it is also appropriate to consider just what do the Tigers need to improve their up and coming talent?

Pitching is obviously always essential, and the Tigers seem to have a pretty well stocked cupboard there. Catching might be the biggest need, but perhaps Dillan Dingler will pan out yet, and they drafted several catchers in this most recent draft as well as signings via the International free agents. First base seems relatively set. Second base has at least two top candidates toiling in the minors (Jace Jung and Colt Keith). The same players are developing for third base. Short stop has a lot of players recently added to the farm system, but none seem to be an exceptionally well regarded player. Outfielders I think are another strength.

If shortstop is the position to target, there might seem to be some good ones to poach, if the trade price is right. This is what I would be looking at as the Tiger's GM. Let's see if something develops here.

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