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Friday Open Thread: Which free agent should the Tigers grab?

Let’s pretend we own the team.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s probably safe to say none of us are billionaires who own baseball teams, and therefore do not have the means or ability to buy up free agent contracts whenever and wherever we choose, but for the sake of today’s open thread, let’s pretend we are!

It’s hot stove season, winter meetings start on Sunday, and that means we’re going to start to see a lot of movement and potentially some record-breaking contracts being signed. The Tigers have already started to bolster their roster with some late-fall signings, but that doesn’t mean they’re done yet.

So let’s play GM, pretend we can have whatever we want and try to decide which free agents make the most sense for the Tigers. Or, perhaps, you have a trade in mind that you think might be the ideal move. Let’s discuss below how the Tigers can make the most of their 2024 team. You can be as realistic (sticking with an actual budget or number or realistic number of available roster spaces) or as unrealistic as you want.

If your plan is too involved for a comment, feel free to write up a whole FanPost.