Another to sign International Free Agents - No Penalty / No loss of Draft Pick

If you haven't been reading other fan posts I've made I really, really want to see the Tigers sign Yamamoto and Imanaga from Japan. They would be outstanding additions to the rotation and I think give us a huge boost in performance in 2024 and beyond.

I have mentioned CF Lee as another player I like, but I envision him as more of a complimentary player to add depth to Meadows, Greene, and Carpenter than to immediately supplant one of them.

The other reason I like signing the international free agents is that I don't believe there is a forfeiture of your top draft pick, which in the case of the Tigers isn't as high as it has been but is still an important aspect of building up this team long term.

I hope that Mize will be healthy, but I don't want to rush him back. I hope Manning is healthy too, but again I wouldn't want to rush him back. Olson, Skubal, Gipson-Long, and Maeda give us four starters, but I'd love to have Yamamoto and Imanaga give us the depth that has been shown time after time after time to really be needed over the long season.

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