The Dodgers upcoming roster crunch

Before the Dodgers can officially add Shohei Ohtani and Joe Kelly to their 40-man roster, they need to subtract two players, as they are currently sitting at 40. They will either have to release or trade two players. Beyond the 26-man roster, the rest of their 40-man breaks down like this; 2 catchers, 2 infielders, 1 outfielder, 4 SP and 4 RP. Could this be the time to try and acquire OF Andy Pages, C Diego Cartaya or IF Michael Busch? Miguel Vargas and Jonny Deluca could also be available off the 26-man roster. My guess is that they would want to get something in return, but obviously guys that still have a couple of years before being Rule 5 eligible. I hope Harris at least makes a call to see what the Dodgers are looking to do and maybe work out a trade for one of these guys.

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