Alex Bregman

Recent reports have indicated that the Astros are fielding calls on Alex Bregman. While I think the likelihood he is moved this season is virtually non existent, I think that the Tigers at least need to make a call.

Obviously, Bregman needs no introduction. He fits the Tigers "control the strike zone" mantra perfectly, and is a superstar. The Tigers also need a 3rd basemen, and what better way to add then going out and grabbing one of the best.

The down sides of this deal would obviously be that Bregman has one year remaining on his contract, he is making over $30 million this year, and the price tag will be hefty if the Astros have one. Given the Astros recent success, and the chances that have of continuing the success, Bregman may be completely off the table. Add that to the fact that Bregman's agent is Scott Boras, meaning that any trade will likely include a long term extension for a player that will be going into his age 30 season.

I still think this trade would be worth while for the Tigers. Given that you are likely going to have to overpay, I would assume that this deal would likely start with a combination of prospects headlined Flores, Madden, or Jung. I think that making this deal and signing a 5-6 year extension makes a lot of sense for the Tigers even if Colt Keith lives up to his potential.

What do you guys think?

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