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Friday Open Thread: Your favorite memory of 2023

Let’s wrap up the year with a fond look back.

MLB: Comerica Park Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

As we arrive at the last Friday of 2023, it seems like the perfect time to take a look back at the year that was. Baseball in Detroit felt fun again, even if there were issues, and even if the Tigers didn’t have a “winning” season. In fairness to them, only one team in the AL Central did have a winning season.

There was plenty to like about this batch of new Tigers, and I think we all learned some appreciation for guys whose names we might not have even known a few years back. And now the stage seems set for a potentially exciting 2024.

So let’s take a moment in our last Open Thread of 2023 and look back on our favorite moments of the past year. Was it the overall performance of one player? The farewell tour for Miggy? Maybe it was a specific game or a specific play. There’s plenty to choose from, but we want to know what stood out to you the most in the past year.

As always, if your thoughts feel too big for just a comment, feel free to make a FanPost!