Ha-Seong Kim Discussion

So, on a suggestion from another fan post, here is a Ha-Seong Kim post. Padres are looking to cut payroll and stay competitive. Kim, Soto have been the 2 big names floated to go because they already have a replacement for Kim and Soto is expensive. We are looking at Kim due to team needs. Kim came state side at the age of 25 with excellent numbers in the KBO and his first season was.....BAD offensively. 202/270/352 (73 OPS+) slash line, but STILL was wort 2.1 WAR in 117 games due to his defense at 2b, 3b, and SS. In his second-year things got better, 251/325/383 (105 OPS+) and was a 5 WAR player in 150 games. Year 3, 260/351/398 (110 OPS+), 5.8 WAR in 152 games.

Kim has settled in as a defensive expert that has a good bat, but he will never be the middle of the order guy. Padres love him, but need to get cheaper and Kim has an opt out after the season. Kim turned 28 in October.

Using Baseball Trade Values Kim is worth 17.9. I think that is low, SGL is worth 17.9. I would trade SGL for Kim every day and even twice on some days.


Tigers get Kim. (Offer 8/200 million through age 36 extension buying out last year of Arb)

Padres get SGL and Baddoo.

I seriously don't think SGL is enough to get it done, but Soto is all but gone from that team leaving a LH LF position wide open and Baddoo can play CF in a pinch.

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