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Open Thread: Which past trade hit you the hardest?

Sometimes we get attached...

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We all know we shouldn’t get too attached to players, but when you watch 162 games a season it can be difficult to follow that advice. You see the same guys day in and day out, you learn their personalities through how they deal with victory and defeat on the field, you get a sense through interviews of who they are: funny, serious, smart, sarcastic, goofy.

All this can create a parasocial bond that makes us like certain players more than others. It’s the reason that people buy jerseys for players who aren’t necessarily superstars (my first jersey was an Alex Avila one and I had to get it custom-lettered because the online store didn’t have any pre-made at the time).

When those players get traded, or lost to free agency, their absence can hit a lot harder than other roster moves might. So in today’s open thread, let’s talk about the trades (or free agents the Tigers failed to get an extension with) that hit us the hardest. Personally, I cried when Max Scherzer left to sign his monster deal with the Nationals.

If you have long-form feelings about this, feel free to write a FanPost!