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Celebrate Miggy’s farewell tour with a new shirt

You know BreakingT wouldn’t miss this perfect opportunity.

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As the new baseball season approaches, we have plenty to look forward to. Even if the team may not be stacked with All-Stars (yet, though who knows what surprises await), there will be exciting moments, plenty of wins, and most importantly, we will get to watch the final major league games of Miguel Cabrera.

As one of the most iconic players in Detroit Tigers history takes his last lap over the 2023 season, you can prepare yourself for those last days with this new Metallica-inspired “Farewell Tour” shirt from our pals at BreakingT.

Get your Miguel Cabrera Farewell Tour shirt from BreakingT here.

And the t-shirt elite aren’t the only ones making note of Miggy’s last season, as the Tigers’ social media are also getting into the spirit before the season even gets under way. This is the opportunity to brace ourselves, because the content is certain to get more tear-jerking as we get closer to Cabrera’s final game.