Jobe’s Injury: Fuel On The Fire

The Tiger’s bad luck/incompetence of Al Avila once again rears its ugly head. It’s bad enough that Marcelo Mayer is a top 10 prospect and will make his debut later in the year, but now the guy Al Avila was so in love with that he couldn’t even pivot when Marcelo Mayer fell in his lap, is injured. Everyone was laughing at Al Avila for falling in love with a HS pitcher and regardless of the history of baseball and drafting HS pitchers high in the 1st round, he still selected him. However, there is plenty of blame to go around. C Illitch waited far too long to fire Al Avila and by allowing him to do another draft when his job was on shaky ground, was a huge mistake and a horrible miscalculation. I was just starting to get over the mess Al Avila left us but then I get hit with a double banger. Jobe’s injury and an article saying the JV trade was the worst in the decade. What does this all mean now?


The Tiger’s got a break in the first lottery by moving up from 6 to 3. If they don’t draft a high upside bat, then it’s all going to be the same. Of course with the Tiger’s bad luck, they will pass on the next JV and the Avila curse will continue. I hate being this negative so early in the season, but until Scott Harris does his draft and I can actually believe that his drafts will be better, I am stuck in this misery of the Al Avila era.

He was just so fucking bad and for so long!!!

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