Spring training report. Are the hitters controlling the zone?

What the box scores say.

I looked at the last 8 games. the Tigers KO's were 88. The walks 20. Now, I am not a math guy at all, but that doesn't seem to look good.

This being spring training means it is really an organizational thing rather than any true measure of what we will see in the season. It could very different.

The eye ball test

I have seen all the games that were played in Lakeland or televised by bally Detroit or the other teams network (I love and

My eyes tell me that guys are far better at working counts. Not all, but a good number of our guys often had 3-0 3-1 or 3-2 counts. Far more often than I have seen in previous years.

I believe i have seen more solid contact this year than before.

I don't deny it could be rose colored glasses. LOL

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