Wyatt Langford

Langford has been injured and missed a couple weeks. He's due to come back this week. He was battling Dylan Crews for the number 1 pick, but this might drop him down to number 3. A couple mock drafts have the Tigers taking a pitcher from LSU Paul Skenes. That would probably be a safe pick as the Tigers seem to have good luck drafting and developing pitchers, but adding Langford to the Tiger prospect list would be huge for the offense.

Imagine if they had Marcelo Mayer as SS....

The most recent mock draft has Dylan Crews going to the Pirates at number 1

Chase Hollander to the Nationals

Paul Skenes to the Tigers

Wyatt Langford to the Rangers

Max Clark to the Twins

The Pirates have a tendency to pick players that are easy to sign... like the did when they pick Henry Davis a couple years ago. 4 players signed for more than he did and he was the number 1 pick.

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