Tigers' leadoff guy

The '22 Tigers got 232/294/322 production from the #1 spot in the hitting order, with 27+% of those plate appearances ending in a strikeout. 9 players contributed to that total, but only 3 are holdovers for '23:

Greene (76 games leadoff)

Baddoo (9)

AMeadows (1)

Greene went 251/310/370 out of the leadoff spot, but they do have some other alternatives to consider. the rule changes favoring baserunning speed could swing the pendulum back toward the traditional way of lineup construction with faster runners getting more leadoff opportunities. the Tigers could trend that way by going with Baddoo vs RHP and Vierling vs LHP in a leadoff platoon of sorts.

Maton has also been getting some spring training reps at the #1 slot and perhaps is being considered for part-time duty there vs RHP. If Hinch wants to go with a progressive approach to building a lineup, putting best OBP guy/best hitter at the top, then Austin Meadows also enters the conversation.

Even Torkelson could eventually be a progressive-style option there if he begins to hit as advertised. He has better plate discipline than Greene and similar foot speed.

So how do you see the leadoff role shaking out for the Tigers in '23? Will Greene settle in as the leadoff guy or a different strategy emerge?

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