The Brewers are always looking to cut payroll... I wonder if they'd consider dealing Yelich and a prospect to save themselves $26 mil a year for the next 6 years? He just turned 31, but he's been an above average OFer all 10 years he's played. He's no super star any more, but still... maybe if they throw in some money and a couple prospects...

Their top 4 prospects are all outfielders... 18 year old Chourio is ranked 8th overall. He's a right handed hitter with amazing speed and power. He could be the starting CF in a few years.

Maybe they help out the payroll by taking on Schoop?

I'm sure the Brewers would welcome losing Yelich and use the money to invest in Woodruff and Burnes. Or, just save it like Illich does.

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