Time for some promotions-Colt Keith to AAA NOW!

He;s batting .309 and has 9 homers.

The good ones come quick and this kid can flat out hit. Al Avila, the worst GM in the entire planet, may have actually found a gem that even on draft day the scouts were going, "He signed for 500k and with the Tigers?" Everyone thought he was attending college on his scholarship but he always wanted to play ball and by pass college. I don’t know that it was anything but luck that the Tigers got him in the 5th and final round of the Covid19 draft but heck, the Tigers deserve it. He would have been a 1st round pick in the draft if he had gone to college. He is tearing up AA and I think they should promote him and I am sure he would be up for the challenge. He needs to see the nasty curve balls so he can make the adjustments. Hitting fastballs in AA isn’t going to cut it.

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