Call me Crazy But.........

I really believe that there is a better version of Javy Baez that the Tigers can coax out of him on a more consistent basis. Here is my theory about how to do it. First off, I think Javy is kind of on an island trying to be the "Star" on this Tigers team so he needs some Latin influenced help to make this a better atmosphere for him to be comfortable and happy. This is where it gets a little crazy, but remember it is just a theory. Make a trade with the Cards to get Contreras and give them Haase. Then get a middle infielder like Louis Angel Acuna from the Rangers to put beside him up the middle. This pairs him with his old friend Contreras and gives them both another Latin player to give guidance to and gel with. They are all emotional players and I think would gel to become a pretty effective up the middle trio. I think that the Baez/Contreras pairing would make both better MLB players. Someone like Ronny Mauricio might also work as well instead of Acuna but Acuna is blocked by Seager and Semien in Texas. Mauricio is blocked by Lindor and McNeil in Queens. Remember how well Javy played in the WBC when he was surrounded by all his Puerto Rican buddies! He was having fun playing ball and I think that is what he is missing in Detroit. Schoop is too reserved and even keeled and Miggy doesn't appear to have become that close to Javy either.

Now I really love Haase and his story but it would probably take him to get Contreras from the Cards and I don't know if there would be other players in the mix or not. This would give the Cards a decent starter with the ability to promote Herrara up and ease him into a MLB starter. It would also allow the Tigers to pair Contreras up with Rogers and be able to see how Dingler develops as well. I really see Contreras in a similar situation as Javy as there no Latin position players on the Cards as well. Am I batshit crazy for thinking that this might work?

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