Schoop plan for June and July

Rather than cut him. Start him as often as possible at 2b. Have Mckinstry at 3b to fill the black hole that position has become. He has a career 964 defense rating at 3b for his career and hits some. This would seems to be our best defensive configuration.

Schoop seems to be a slow starter, at least in his time here in Detroit.. Maybe he doesn't like the cold weather.

He has been showing some signs of hitting and he is the best defensive 2b we have. Lett him play until the all star break and hope he gets hot with the bat. If he does. then we have two choices, see if someone needs a 2b and we can work a trade or keep him and ride the hot bat for the rest of the year.

If he doesn't hit with consistent at bats, we don't really lose much. It's not like we are one of the better teams in the American League. Having him play also can help out the pitchers. Given none of our starters have elite stuff, having the best defense out there seems like a good idea.

If he still isn't hitting then we release him or make him a PH and defensive replacement.

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