Wentz Schoop Ibanez

The Tigers can’t afford Wentz to be a starter right now so spare the kid and send him down so he can work things out. Schoop has no homers and 2 RBI so why on earth is he still on this team? Ibanez was never anything other than a plug in for the moment player. I can’t believe that there’s not 3 players they can call up to give more than what these guys are giving. Ty Madden, Henry Malloy, Colt Keith. I am tired of hearing they are not ready or they need to work on their defense. Castellanos could hit and they ran him out of town. Gabby was a horrible OF when they called him up and he worked on his craft every day doing drills at the MLB with Kaline. Tram and Whitaker both couldn’t hit much when they came up but could play the field so they had to work on hitting at the MLB level. Torkelson and Greene both struggled until this year and now both look like major league players. Even Akil Baddoo had to optioned down a few times and he’s finally becoming a decent player and his defense isn’t great at all.They need to stop making excuses and bring these guys up

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