Ten years ago...

Back in 2013 we had great expectations for the team, foiled by David Ortiz and the infamous grand slam in the ALCS.

We had a lot of participation on the game threads back then. After the game, the Top 10 commenters would be posted in the game recap. I saw this memory tonight and wondered who is still around from that era.

I was texastigerfan (aka TTF) back then. This is a copy/paste of my FB post from May 27, 2013.

Yes, I watched the Tigers beat the Pirates today. Yes, I won the top slot for most comments on the game on the Tiger blog. I am texastigerfan.
1 texastigerfan 201
2 RedWingedLigerFan 159
3 SpartanHT 101
4 H2OPoloPunk 94
5 BadCompany22 90
6 stevenyc 81
7 SanDiegoMick 77
8 JWurm 52
9 rock n rye 47
10 J_the_Man 46

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