Potential Call-ups

The season is almost 1/3 of the way through. The Tigers need to look towards 2024. Let me preface this by saying I wouldn't do all of these moves, but maybe 1 or 2 and see how it works out and go from there.

Ibanez has no business taking up a roster spot. When he first came up, he was solid, but the past 2 weeks his average has dropped over 100 points. DFA him and if he clears then send him to AAA as depth in case of injury. He isn't part of the future of this team.

It's time to cut ties with Schoop. He has done great defensively and someone might take him as a defensive infielder who might get a hit against a lefty once in a while. He is just taking up space in Detroit.

It's time to move on from Zack Short. Yes, he has done better than expected, but still... it's Zack Short.

Harris needs to shop these guys, see if the Tigers can get some cash in return or maybe a bad contract swap for Schoop. Maybe some obscure minor leaguer? Anything. If he can't then cut them loose. Shuffle up the roster a little. Let players know they need to produce in order to stay or they will be moved and someone else will audition.

Teams are looking for healthy arms. Maybe they need to shop Alexander and Boyd?.. Cisnero and Wentz? Try and get something for them. They are healthy. Cisnero has been very good at times and could help a contender with bullpen needs. He's 34... time is running out. Wentz is still very young and could provide someone with hope in the rotation. Boyd could be a very solid bullpen arm on a deep rotation. Alexander is a decent lefty for the pen who can throw multiple innings. These guys don't have a spot on future Tiger teams. Get what you can for them.

Who takes their place?

Well, the Tigers are deep at middle infield prospects. They aren't great, but they have potential. Try Corey Joyce. He's hitting over .300 at Toledo. Gage Workman has been decent at AA. He has shown power and speed. Still strikes out a ton, but solid on defense. Maybe the Tiger hitting coaches can work with him? Trei Cruz is another option at AA. He has done well and has played all over the place. Andrew Knapp is a veteran catcher who has done well in Toledo and maybe if he does well in the majors, someone might take a chance on him. He can play 1B, catch and has played some LF. Malloy and Nevin are also options.

Pitching the Tigers have Olson who could start. Logue is a lefty starter that could be given a shot. Miguel DIaz and Matt Wisler have some strong strike out numbers in the pen. Sawyer Gipson-Long has done a good job at AA. Austin Bergner and Brant Hurter have been solid also.

Of course I'm not saying make all these moves... but start with 1. A Boyd trade would have to wait because he just signed as a free agent.

The Brewers might be interested in Schoop. They have Adames at short who has been injured quite a bit. Turang has been filling in and maybe they would want a solid glove at 2B? They would probably be looking to dump Winker who has been a bust so far for them. The salaries are about the same and both are free agents.

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