What Would You Rather Do?

Winning the division seems possible. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but the division is so weak this year it just seems within reach to get into the playoffs, and then who knows. Anything can happen, right?

Obviously to get there the pitching has to lead the way. Eduardo Rodriguez is probably key to sustaining any form of winning. Yet, will winning just make it more obvious that he may opt out of his contract? If so, would the Tigers be better trading him to get something of value?

Knowing whether Reese Olson is ready to make the jump might make sense, and with Joey Wentz struggling making the switch with him might make it an easy choice. Of course, developing Wentz for the long term with Olson might be another way to go if you look at things long term.

With Tarik Skubal apparently getting healthy he might make it back to the rotation soon. Who would you kick out? Wentz is again the primary option. Michael Lorenzen, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Alex Faedo seem secure, but Matt Boyd is paid a lot, so he's likely even more secure, I guess. Yet, adding Olson or Skubal instead of keeping Boyd in the rotation again might be a smarter long term approach.

When Matt Manning is ready to return does he supplant yet another one of the starters? Michael Lorenzen seems like a budding star, but he's only on a one-year deal. Would he be moved out of the rotation to bolster the future, or kept in their in hopes of winning the division?

Winning might be special medicine to build up the team's confidence long term too. Riley Greene, Spencer Torkelson, and other young players might progress much, much more with some winning infused into their psyches. Of course, there's us the fans too to think about. Wouldn't we all really rather win when we might be able to win, than continue to hope that someday we might?

Could we be buyers before the trade deadline? What could we give up to strengthen our hand for the year? Do we have any talent to spare from the minors? I'd love to hear what direction others' would like to take.

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