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Get your “Chill and Make Pitches” tee from Obvious Shirts

Alex Lange’s mantra is now a must-have t-shirt for your collection.

Saving games in the major leagues is a tough gig. Glory and disaster are the two true outcomes when an elite closer like the Detroit Tigers’ Alex Lange takes the mound to lock down a ballgame. To stay calm, cool, and collected, an ace closer has to have a consistent routine, and he’s got to have a mantra to keep his emotions in check.

Alex Lange wrapped up his third straight save in as many days in impressive fashion on Friday night in St. Louis. Up a run, he gave up a leadoff double to Paul Goldschmidt and was staring down the the heart of the Cardinals order. Tigers fans were stressed to say the least, though that’s a great feeling after nearly a decade of relative apathy.

What happened?

Lange reminded himself to just “Chill and Make Pitches” and then proceeded to punch out Willson Contreras, Nolan Arenado, and Dylan Carlson to close it and move the Tigers into second place in the AL Central.

“Chill and Make Pitches” is a motto we should all strive to live by in our own way. Now you can wear it on your chest with this high quality shirt from Obvious Shirts. Click the link and get yours today.

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