Cristian Santana our #4 prospect

Was looking at BYB list of top prospects for Tigers, Cristian Santana is listed as #4, he is hitting under .090 in Low A, he actually is repeating low A this year. His only positive as a hitter is he walks a fair amount. Of his 8 hits he has two doubles and two home runs. We have a lot of players at Lakeland that are not performing but Cristian is among the most disappointing. He is young still, but not sure how many players have returned to prospect status hitting under .100. The Tigers have to be the worst club at getting prospects on the international market, hopefully under Harris this changes. I was surprised that when he took over there were not major changes in the scouting department for the international players, maybe the changes are going on in the background. Santana was one of our big $$ signings, guess we outbid clubs to sign him?

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