Dream draft

So, seeing some smoke about the Pirates doing their thing and looking to save money in the draft. MLB says they can see them trying to under slot Clark or Langford. This would leave Crews and Skene for the Nationals. MLB goes on to say that since the Nats are loaded with OF prospects already, they will take Skene no matter what the Pirates do.

PLEASE DO THIS PIRATES!!! I like Langford a lot, but Crews looks absolutely amazing.

That being said, they also brought up that if Langford and Crews go 1/2, the Tigers could look to go under slot for Catcher Kyle Teel. I just don't see that happening.

My list is:

1. Crews

2. Langford

3. Skene

Highschool OFers scare me, but we did draft a good one a few years back. HS pitcher in the 1st round are a flat out no for me.

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