Looking at the farm system teams

I have found the following:

Toledo OPS 17th Runs 20th Whip 18th runs allowed 8th 20 teams 8th in the standings of 10 teams

Erie OPS 1st Runs 1st Whip 8th runs allowed 9th 12 teams 1st of 6

W Mich OPS 1st Runs 1st Whip 8th runs allowed 6th 12 teams 2nd of 6

Lakeland OPS 6th Runs 6th Whip 9th runs allowed 10th 19 teams 5th of 6

It appears that we a thin in pitching overall.

Hitting is mixed Toledo and Lakeland offense is not great. Erie and W Mich offense is very good.

Our best hitters

AAA in ops is Malloy He is 43rd

AA Colt Keith 3rd

High A Chris Myers 1st

Low A Dom Johnson 27th

Of course age plays a factor in the minors... Myers is 24 so a bit old for his league. Others about right

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