Prospect Chess Moves in the Minors

Andre Lupcious has had a keen sense of getting the most out of his talent on the road to the majors. His high walk rate and low strike out percentage have to have had a significant role in his earning a promotion to the Tigers. I think his ability to play multiple positions also increases his value.

With his promotion I think it gives the Tigers more maneuvering room too in the minors. Over the remainder of this year, or more likely over the next I can imagine moving Lipcious up provides a spot for Keith to play at 3B, Jung to play 2B, Nevin 1B, and probably leaves SS as a combination of Leonard and Kriedler to round out the infield for the Mudhens. The outfield might still have Malloy and Perez, plus look for Bigbie to get regular playing time too. Dingler should be the primary receiver. In my opinion, this gives the Toledo squad the best talent they've had in a long, long time with nearly every player competing for a call-up.

With the promotions from A+ here's a possible look at the Erie Seawolves team in 2024: 1B Gold/Meyers, 2B Lee, 3B Pacheco, SS Seretti, LF Campos, CF Mulgeri, RF Allen, and C Elfonzo. There are a few other current AA players that are likely to repeat this level, but I'm inclined to believe that this is a big year of changeover in the farm system where the cream of the crop is much better and the Tigers upper level teams are much, much better than we can remember for quite awhile.

At A+ and A levels we will have a lot of talent that will be interesting to watch too. OF Clark, 2B Anderson, 3B Rucker, SS Graham, SS Santana, SS McGonigle, and more will be among the stars.

Pitching should be rising quickly throughout the system as well, but I'll wait to make a forecast of just how that's spread throughout the teams. All and all, if the teams get good pitching they should win a lot of games with the offense each team should muster. This might be the year the Tigers' farm system garners special attention.

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