2024 and beyond

We have been over it a million times in the comment sections, but I want to put this out after digging deep. I myself have been looking at trades with the FA class being so thin. After all that looking, I think the Tigers are going to make no additions to the lineup this offseason. I am just beginning to see spring training as a dogfight and the best man will win the starter/filler spots. The reason I am saying this is because I don't think we have the ammo to pull off a trade and there really isn't anyone in FA that is probably going to be a difference maker.

Filled Position:







So, the only really open position is DH, 3b and 2b.

The Candidates are:

Keith, Malloy, Maton, Perez, Leonard, BigBie (OF), Baddoo (OF), Ibanez, and McKinstry. Guys like Jung could be later in the years. Is it Ideal? Nope, but who do you sign that you would rather see than Keith?

Ibanez is up to league average with the bat.

Hopefully Keith and Malloy just crush spring and give us ROY performances, but there is controllable option.

I say for FA, Pitching, More Pitching, and Bullpen Pitching then let the kids play.

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