Trade Torkelson?

Someone mentioned in the game thread that we should trade Torkelson because 1B is the easiest position to fill. So I looked for teams without an establish 1B and ran these through the trade sims. They also said to snag a Catcher and a RH bat, I didn't follow that as a hard rule, but I did try.

Trade #1:

Brewers get Tork and Turnbull. Brewers have recieved very little out of the 1B spot. He is a defensive down grade. Turnbull gets a change of veiw

Tigers get C- Jeferson Quero and 3B- Tyler Black. Quero is a 20 year old 55 grade prospect that hits and is very good defensively. Black is a control the zone AAA bat that doesn't really have a defensive home but has play 2b, 3b, and LF. Picture Malloy with less K's and way better speed, he stole 55 bases. Trade sims have this as a slight overpay for the Brewers.

Trade #2:

Mariners get Tork. I think the Ty France experiment in Seattle is done. He has been league average with even worse defense than Tork.

Tigers get SP-Emerson Hancock, OF-Jonatan Clase, and the prize, SS- Cole Young. Hancocks medicals need to gone over with a fine tooth comb, but he still has interesting tools and Seattle is deep in pitching. Clase is a speedy OF that has found some Power at AA. Young is their #1 prospect in A+ he hit 292/404/479 while having all the tools to stick at SS. This trade looks towards the future and adds another mid rotation starter. Trade sims have this as a slight overpay for the Tigers.

Trade #3:

Marlins get Tork and Vest. Tork replaces the ghost of Yuli Gurriel and Vest steps in as their close and push Puk out of the role.

Tigers get Braxton Garret. Garret basically a younger version of E-Rod and controlled through 2029. 3.53 ERA through 155 inning this season. This trade is even.

I don't think Tork gets traded, but I like to exercise my mind doing these. I rejected the Cubs (just didn't see anything I liked) and even though Votto is probably done, I think the Reds have in house options and would reject us. I ignored the Central. I do see the Padres as a trade partner for a 1b, I didn't feel like going there again since I have basically traded for there entire team at one point.

If Tork is traded the Tigers would probably have to be all in on Hoskins unless the were convinced Bigbie could move back to 1B.

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