Arizona Fall League 2023

The Tigers can send 7 players to the AFL. Here is who I think would most benefit.

Here are last year's participants

Position Players: C. Keith, P. Meadows, D. Dingler, G. Workman

Pitchers: J. Wentz, J. Anderson, A. Magno, T. Mattison

2023 Candidates

Justyn Henry-Malloy: Refine the defense to something passable for next year's Tigers roster. Sounds like he is not a 3rd basemen. Get as many outfield reps as possible. I think he and Carpenter end up splitting the DH role next year, but hopefully he not a butcher in left.

Jace Jung: Putting up great numbers at the plate (.936 OPS at AA), it sounds like his lack of defense is a little overblown from what I have read. Working on the defensive side and getting some at bats against some premium talent would springboard him into a AAA gig next year, with the chance of a late season promotion or 2025 season start.

Justice Bigbie: Excellent year at the plate, cranked it up in AA (.366 in 62 AA games). Unexpected prospect after a .727 OPS in 2022. Tune the defense and face premium pitching. AAA start next year.

Hao-Yu Lee: Hasn't played much since coming over at the trading deadline, a chance to get some at-bats back. (AFL rules state we can send one Single A level player).

Eddys Leonard: See if the bump in performance once he reached the Tigers is real. Work on defense with the expectation that he is competing for a utility spot next year. Sending Leonard depends on how high the Tigers brass think of him. If they don't think he's a legit prospect, I'd send a relief candidate in his place.

Dylan Smith: Missed time this year with injuries, opportunity to get some innings. Looks like a relief candidate to me.

Wilmer Flores: Scuffled this year with injuries and lower velocity. Needs some more innings and hopefully end on a good note this year.

Not sure if there are rules about how many pitchers vs. position players you can send, but this makes sense to me.


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