2023 win total

Back on Aug 3, I posted that the Tigers had the second easiest strength of schedule remaining, and if they could play .500 baseball, they could win 75 games. Since then, they have gone 16-17 and as of this morning now have the easiest remaining strength of schedule at .435 with 21 games to play. They play the Dodgers and the Reds 3 each, and have KC-3, A’s-4, White Sox-2 Angels-3 and the Guardians-3. I am going to stay optimistic and say 74-75 wins is achievable, and something to build off for next year. With all the injuries to the pitching staff and the lack of a consistent bat, I honestly never thought winning 70 was possible, let alone 75. Greene, Carpenter and Tork being the main reason why.

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