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Friday Open Thread: Are there any remaining free agents to take a shot on?

Spring training is coming, who deserves an invite?

Cincinnati Reds v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

With spring training just around the corner (at last!) the Tigers lineup seems mostly established. But the final version heading into March may still have some question marks. It seems like it could be an ideal opportunity to issue some minor league contracts with an invitation to spring training for some of the market’s remaining free agents.

While most of the big-name options (and let’s be honest, the options the Tigers were never going to go for anyway) gone, it could be a good opportunity to take a risk on an aging star or someone who might be poised for a comeback year after injury. There are always some surprising names still remaining this time of year, many who might be willing to take a one-year deal or even a minor league deal if it means one more shot to play a season in the majors.

So, who do you think might be a good candidate for the Tigers to take a shot on before spring training games start up?

If there’s a player you feel particularly strongly about, why not head over to the FanPosts section and woo us with an in-depth look at their stats, or how good they’ve been against AL Central rivals?