building a lineup

Given that most people seem to believe that Col Keith will be the starting 2nd baseman this year. That leaves us with almost no roster moves. Someone, probably some combination of Vierling Mc Kinstry and Ibanez will play 3b.

I see one glaring weakness other that Baez. No lead off hitter. We haven't had good one for several years at lead off.

Parker Meadows doesn't have the OBP to fill that spot. He does have the speed No one else except Canha has an above avg obp. He doesn't exactly fill the the typical profile.

The rest of the guys we used were substandard by a fairly long margin.

The farm system doesn't appear to have many options other than Wenceel Perez. He has speed and base stealing ability along with good OBP in the minors.. He needs more time at AAA. though to solidify those stats.

So, here is the challenge build a right handed and left handed lineup that can score more runs.

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