What Baseball Podcasts Do You Listen To?

A lot of baseball podcasts out there, what are your favorites?

This off season I have watched/listened to a lot of "Foul Territory". They cover all of MLB with former players. They have a 2 hour YouTube live stream from 1pm-3pm eastern time but you can watch it anytime. They also chop it up and put segments up on a traditional podcast format. The best thing about this show is the guests, they have current players, managers and even front office people on.

"The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB" has about five podcasts under their umbrella, my favorites are "The 3-0 Show", "The Roundtable" and "DVR And ?" the ? is filled in by different people. They are few and far between in the off-season but during the regular season they are posted through out the week. The people on these broadcasts are writers for The Athletic.

These are all aimed at the national audience, for the locals covering the Tigers I only like one of them, "Turning The Corner" hosted by The Athletic's Tigers beat writer Cody Stavenhagen and Kieran Steckley who works in sports memorabilia. Steckley has a Detroit connection, his father was Al Kaline's paperboy. They don't go fan-boy crazy or speak like a holier than thou expert but always seem to sum up all situations accurately. Or maybe I should say at least for me they do as I find myself agreeing with them.

So what else is out there that you are listening to?

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